1. Can I order a cupcakes on the same day I need it?

Unfortunately, No. Our cupcakes are made to order and designed especially for your event.


2. Do you make Cake Pops?

Yes, we do! All of our cake pops are made to order. We do basic cake pops as well as all of our flavors. 


3. Can you write Happy Birthday on Cupcakes?

Yes! We have several different ways we can make this upcoming birthday special for you, your family, and friends.


4. Do you custom decorate?

Yes! Our everyday cupcakes are decorated with colored sprinkles and chocolate shavings, which we can change to suit the colors of your event. We also design custom fondant cupcakes for baby showers, weddings, birthdays, and other special occasions. Also, for the holidays we offer special holiday-themed decorations. Please call us for special order pricing. We must receive the cancellation at least five days prior to your requested delivery date.


5. I have a nut allergy. Can I eat your cupcakes? Although some of our cupcakes do not have nuts on top of them, all of our cupcakes are made in a bakery where nuts and peanut dust are present.


6. Are any of your cupcakes gluten-free/sugar-free/vegan? At this time, we are sorry to say that all of our cupcakes contain gluten and are not vegan or sugar-free.


7. Do you ship your products? I’m sorry we do not ship cupcakes at this time. (Coming Soon)


8. Is there a minimum to order? Yes, the minimum is one dozen. 


9. Can you make cupcakes for my wedding?

Yes! Call us to schedule a tasting. We will also sit down with you to talk about your weddings colors, wedding vision and give you accurate and proper pricing. We will also offer delivery and setup for the day of your wedding.


10. Do you deliver?

No, we don't deliver at this time. (Coming Soon)


11. Can I order cupcakes that aren't today’s special?

Yes, but it has to be at least a dozen of the regular size for that flavor or 18 minnies. We do require that all special orders be placed at least 24-hours in advance.


12. Can I place an order for cupcakes on the same day?

No. However, at Effie’s we do understand that things do come up and we will do everything possible to accommodate you.

13. Can I order in advance?

Yes, please do!!! We will have the cupcakes boxed and ready to go when you arrival. We ask that you give us at least one week advance notice if possible.


14. Do you have new cupcakes?

Yes, we do!!! Please check website for new and exciting cupcakes weekly.

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